International camp of entrepreneurship

Let's talk funky business!

International camp of entrepreneurship in English for high school students with Cesim Hospitality business simulation game!

Private Grammar School and Economic School Katarina Zrinski and Open University Petar Zrinski are organizing a summer camp of entrepreneurship: Let's talk funky business! The aim of the camp is to develop an entrepreneurial spirit of secondary school students in order to understand the mechanisms of the real economy in a manner appropriate to their age. Since the program is set in an international environment (Italy, Hungary, Finland, Germany, Slovenia…) the participants will thus be given the unique opportunity to learn and improve English.


The program will take place at Villa Rustica, Novi Vinodolski, Croatia


  • June 22 - June 29, 2014

Favorable condition:

Applicants are expected to pay the first instalment of minimally 30% - 153€, till May 16

The camp is implemented using active methods of teaching and learning with the emphasis on learning by using innovative tool, of business simulations for management of hotels and restaurants that serve as a representation of the actual operations in a safe environment. Students will internalize the value of team work and entrepreneurial spirit and master the techniques of creative thinking by participating in interactive workshops and lectures.

This is how we imagine your daily activities

  • Breakfast
  • Interactive workshops and lectures - techniques for creative thinking
  • Breaks and lunch
  • Workshop - business simulation - play rounds, results analysis, discussion
  • Free time for various activities: swimming, sunbathing, sports competitions    (football, volleyball, table tennis…), field trips.
  • Dinner
  • Other available activities: organized evening program, going out to the city, playing games, organized watching of the World Cup football matches in Brazil.

During the entire stay in the camp, the students are under supervision of experienced teachers – supervisors.

Take a look at the brochure for more information.

Application for the camp starts by filling in the application form. After the form is filled in, send its copy via fax or e-mail. Fax number is +385(1) 3014-793 and our e-mail address is

"You are your greatest asset. Put your time, effort and money into training, grooming and encouraging your greatest asset."
-- Tom Hopkins

Plan your success with us!

International camp of entrepreneurship International camp of entrepreneurship International camp of entrepreneurship International camp of entrepreneurship International camp of entrepreneurship International camp of entrepreneurship

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