Our students participated in the Startup Competition in Novi Sad with a praiseworthy idea

In the framework of the Tempus project "iDeaLab" in the last week of October, Ivana Kukec, Jasmina Mrvoljak and Nikolina Žiljak, students of University College Nikola Subic Zrinski had the opportunity to participate in Startify7 training and competition for innovative ideas and start-ups, and in a fierce competition, won first place. After that, they participated with elaborated idea in another competition - Start-up Weekend in Novi Sad, where they won excellent 4th place.


Startify7 is a competition, which starts with two-day training conducted by Ms Kate Penny from University of Sheffield (UK), with the aim for students to develop and test their entrepreneurial ideas in a pre-defined subject area. Thematic area this time was health and health systems. Our students have developed a praiseworthy idea - Golden Drop - a mobile application that connects transfusion centres and blood donors in a way that the donor database is digitalized and that transfusion centres have the possibility of direct communication with donors in case of lack of specific blood groups. In the fierce competition, our students have developed an idea in just two days and won 1st place, after which they decided to try to compete at another competition - Start-up Weekend Novi Sad.


Start-up Weekend is a 54-hour intense competition developed by Google that allows all innovative teams to put their ideas into reality. The competition began on Friday night when the teams had to present their ideas through „the pitch“ and the best ideas were selected for further elaboration of the final event which ended with the proclamation of the winner on Sunday evening. Of course, our students have been recognized as one of the best, entering among the top 11 ideas and were given the chance to develop their idea with mentors from different areas. They won the 4th place which is a phenomenal result given the stiff competition from across the region and the fact that the idea was developed from scratch to a prototype level in matter of days.


Marina Nikolić and Dimitrije Milojević provided mentoring support to our students encouraging them and praising their motivation.


The greatest value of these events is promotion of innovation and start-up culture among students, and our students have shown how a good idea can be turned into reality in just a few days.


Congratulations to our students, we are looking forward to future performances in similar competitions!

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